St. Louis Doesn’t Say Any of This Sh*t

Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular video and Twitter account “Shit Girls Say“, and if so you’re certainly aware that it spawned a whole series of “Shit [Some Subset of the Human Race] Say” videos which all suck so hard watching them is like someone took a spike, put it in their butt just a little bit, then stabbed us in our brain through our eye and swirled it around. That being said, people are still making them and the joke just won’t die. [Read More]

St. Louis Youths, Stop Barking at People. You Look F*cking Retarded.

Its happened to us before and we’ve heard this more than a few times, so congratulations, its a pattern now St. Louis: We have retarded kids running around barking at people. Oh we’re sorry, are you not familiar? Let us share how this usually goes… Us: Hey! You made it. Them: Yeah, no problems…well we got barked at, but other than that. Us: What? Them: We were driving down the street and some guy barked at us while waiting at a stoplight. [Read More]

Stay Classy St. Louis: Health Care Fighting

St. Louis Health Care fights on YouTube:

Here’s an idea.  Everyone needs to shut the hell up and lets have a conversation like adults.

Morons on both sides are yelling at kids, telling them to “get a job” (college is a job), taking swings at old ladies and constantly talking over each other like five year-olds.  God you people suck.