Mizzou Racists Charged for Littering

Back on March 3rd, we talked about the unfunny, offensive but otherwise legal “prank” perpetrated on the Mizzou campusthat involved cotton balls being spread in front of the Black Culture Center early one morning. Sure this is offensive, but its more offensive that someone thought this was going to play on some level. This is like telling industrial revolution jokes. “University of Missouri, Columbia Police tell Globe-Democrat.com that they are investigating but at this point have no arrests. [Read More]

Unfunny Racial Joke Ruffles Feathers at Mizzou

The Globe Democrat is reportingon a “prank” that is giving everyone fits at Mizzou: University of Missouri Columbia students spoke out at a Town Hall meeting Monday night after an incident at the Black Culture Center early Friday morning where someone left cotton balls on the ground in front of the building. Oh I get it. Because all the black kids that go to Mizzou were slaves not long ago and picked cotton! [Read More]