Unfunny Racial Joke Ruffles Feathers at Mizzou

The Globe Democrat is reportingon a “prank” that is giving everyone fits at Mizzou: University of Missouri Columbia students spoke out at a Town Hall meeting Monday night after an incident at the Black Culture Center early Friday morning where someone left cotton balls on the ground in front of the building. Oh I get it. Because all the black kids that go to Mizzou were slaves not long ago and picked cotton! [Read More]

Your Monday Morning Links

Start off your week with some hot linking action! There is no Bluebird, only Firebird: STLToday.com’s Blender has the newly released schedule for the re-lauched Firebird venue. Michael Pinto at Fanboy.com describes a problem we here at PunchingKitty have seen for quite a while: The Invasion of “Social Media Experts” If we may add some bitching to his great article: You dick (or boobs?) doesn’t get bigger just because you follow every retard that follows you! [Read More]