Your Monday Morning Links

Start off your week with some hot linking action!

There is no Bluebird, only Firebird:’s Blender has the newly released schedule for the re-lauched Firebird venue.

Michael Pinto at describes a problem we here at PunchingKitty have seen for quite a while: The Invasion of “Social Media Experts”  If we may add some bitching to his great article: You dick (or boobs?) doesn’t get bigger just because you follow every retard that follows you!  Also…stop giving people “tips” on how to Twitter/Facebook/Whatever.  …we feel better already!

Comments St. Louis has the sample ballot for the City’s March 3rd election.  Don’t vote for Denise Watson-Wesley Coleman for mayor because thats just way the hell too long to type out all the time.

Cotton balls are scary.

Still not sick of Obama inauguration stuff?  Check out these photos then!