Are the St. Louis Zoo’s Halloween Decorations Racist?

Are the St. Louis Zoo’s Halloween Decorations Racist?

The St. Louis Zoo put up their Halloween decorations a few days ago and man did they screw up. It turns out the Zoo outed itself as a secret racist organization! We knew it. It always seemed fishy that the black panthers were always in the crappy cage in the back corner, the one with a busted-ass car in it for some reason, but the white tiger had like the best cage ever right up front. It even had it’s own tiger-focused GAP, right in the cage! Those new cardigans look great on him by the way.

A viewer wrote to News 4 saying the [Zoo’s Halloween decorations] look more like lynchings.

The display consists of 10 or so ghostly characters with black faces swaying in the breeze. Burchett says it’s no less offensive in person and someone should have realized it before the display went up.

“That’s a no brainer,” he said. “It’s impossible that you could not see that that’s racist you know, there’s no way.”

We don’t see it. We get what you’re talking about now that  you say that…but we don’t “see” it.

Is the ghost’s face made of black cloth? Yes, but that’s it, everything else is dingy-white. Is it in a tree? Yes, but they’re ghosts, and we don’t see any “rope”. If they had rope, we’d be with you since ghosts don’t need rope because of the ghostly levitation. They are just in the tree because, you know, ghosts are real and we’re still waiting on our Hoverboard pre-order. If there was actually thick rope, then we’d totally be with you on…oh what the f*ck are we talking about?! The zoo? You think the freaking zoo is trying to drop a racist agenda with it’s Halloween decorations?! There is actual, crazy f*cked up, hard-core racism still happening all around this area, more than lots of folks would like to believe, but this isn’t it. This is the zoo putting up decorations and wanted to use black cloth so the light in the head would be all faded and creepy looking at night. Maybe you disagree, maybe you see something different, and maybe we’d be on your side if this display was out in front of some hoosier restaurant named “Krazy Kelly’s Kitchen”, but you it’s not. It’s the zoo. The St. Louis Zoo. The source has to be a part of your decision making especially when painting something as racist, and the zoo would pretty far down on our list of possibly racist businesses in St. Louis. Down there by the White Castle on South Grand, and way way way behind anything in Plaza Frontenac.

Zoo officials say the creative team that made and installed the black face ghosts included African-American workers, but will be replacing the decorations soon to make sure no one is offended when they come to the zoo.

Ok, Zoo people. We’re trying to defend you, but the “But we had black people put them up there!” defense isn’t helping!

Honest question: Would this whole thing been a non-issue if there was one more line in the back making the ghosts lean forward rather than “floating” straight up and down?

via KMOV