Doug Duckworth vs Paul McKee

Paul McKee is a big developer that wants to buy up and transform North St. Louis with a little help from public funds, Doug Duckworth is the 24 year old voice behind the blog “Random Talk on Urban Affairs,” but together they are the North St. Louis Odd Couple!

One wants to get millions of dollars of public funds to help his project, the other…well, he doesn’t.

One likes video taping public meetings, the other quits when he notices the video camera.

We’re also guessing one is dirty and likes rock music, while the other one is clean and like classical.

Duckworth is chronically their adventures on his blog with video after video of the meetings and great break downs of all the news about McKee’s plans.  Its a pretty great battle so far, but I bet in the end they’ll find they have more in common than they think!

[Editor’s Note: No they won’t.]

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