It’s Your Last Chance to Buy Northwest Plaza

If you told me that you have $1.5 Million to spend and really love open spaces that used to be filled with long-since empty stores and cart after cart of hair extension and bedazzled cell phone cases, then do we have the place for you! Northwest Plaza Mall and 500 Office Tower is a one- and two-story super regional mall with a 12-story office building that has 1,829,261 square feet of gross leasable area in St. [Read More]

17-year-old Charged with Opening Fire on Crowded Club

Yeah yeah yeah, another day, another St. Louis violent crime, but buckle in because this one’s weird for even St. Louis. It all started, as all things do these days, on Facebook, where a mix up about an underage party location lead to “a few hundred” teenagers showing up at the front of club Pulse. Pulse, a classy place in a strip mall next to a swap meet, isn’t where an underage Christmas party was planned, but the kids show up in droves anyway. [Read More]

Dude Buying CDs Gets Shot in the Face

…and the record industry is trying to make it seem like downloading songs isn’t safe. Pfffffft. Try telling it to the guy that just got shot in the face trying to buy some CDs on Natural Bridge over the weekend. A man told police he was trying to buy CDs when he was shot in the face by the seller Saturday night. Police said the 28-year-old man was shot in the 4200 block of Natural Bridge in St. [Read More]

Dude Got Shot in the Ass in North St. Louis

KMOV is reporting a man was shot in the butt Saturday night in north St. Louis. I know. Totally surprising. According to police, the victim and three friends were walking across the street when a newer model dark blue or black SUV approached. The front seat passenger got out and fired shots; the victim and friends ran to a nearby residence. The suspects fled the scene. The victim is in stable, but totally embarrassed condition because there’s no way to make an ass wound sound badass. [Read More]

Doug Duckworth vs Paul McKee

Paul McKee is a big developer that wants to buy up and transform North St. Louis with a little help from public funds, Doug Duckworth is the 24 year old voice behind the blog “Random Talk on Urban Affairs,” but together they are the North St. Louis Odd Couple! One wants to get millions of dollars of public funds to help his project, the other…well, he doesn’t. One likes video taping public meetings, the other quits when he notices the video camera. [Read More]