It’s Your Last Chance to Buy Northwest Plaza

It’s Your Last Chance to Buy Northwest Plaza

If you told me that you have $1.5 Million to spend and really love open spaces that used to be filled with long-since empty stores and cart after cart of hair extension and bedazzled cell phone cases, then do we have the place for you!

Northwest Plaza Mall and 500 Office Tower is a one- and two-story super regional mall with a 12-story office building that has 1,829,261 square feet of gross leasable area in St. Ann, a suburb in St. Louis. The mall is currently 8.54% occupied and the office portion is 47.29% occupied. Overall occupancy is 11.87%. The center was formerly anchored by Macy’s, Sears, Dillard’s, and Steve and Barry’s, though all anchors have vacated as of the date of appraisal. Additional outparcel stores include a vacant Toys R Us and vacant The Bedroom Store.

Possible uses for a great space like this include laser tag or a lair for any future plans of world domination as a super villain. It’s the perfect lair! It’s inconveniently located in North St. Louis, meaning no one, not people, not cops will want to go there. You might as well be on a skull shaped island! The old Dillard’s would be the perfect location for a lava pit to hang spies over and the abandoned Toys R Us? No better place to dramatically appear in front of the hero sitting on a throne of pool noodles on top of a pile of scary doll heads.

…plus you can always fall back on the laser tag idea until your death ray is ready.

Hurry! The auction ends in 23 hours!

via Fox2Now