Oh Man the New New Northwest Plaza is Going to be Awesome! (JK, LOL!)

The stinky lump of empty sadness and RAZR cellphone case carts known as Northwest Plaza is set to be torn down Tuesday, and in it’s place will rise the next chapter in Northwest Plaza lore. It’s return to greatness! …which means what exactly? Oooh! Maybe it’s finally getting a Ms. Fields! A home improvement store, restaurants, outdoor shopping, an education center and an officer tower are all expected to be added. [Read More]

It’s Your Last Chance to Buy Northwest Plaza

If you told me that you have $1.5 Million to spend and really love open spaces that used to be filled with long-since empty stores and cart after cart of hair extension and bedazzled cell phone cases, then do we have the place for you! Northwest Plaza Mall and 500 Office Tower is a one- and two-story super regional mall with a 12-story office building that has 1,829,261 square feet of gross leasable area in St. [Read More]