Dude Buying CDs Gets Shot in the Face

…and the record industry is trying to make it seem like downloading songs isn’t safe. Pfffffft. Try telling it to the guy that just got shot in the face trying to buy some CDs on Natural Bridge over the weekend.

A man told police he was trying to buy CDs when he was shot in the face by the seller Saturday night.

Police said the 28-year-old man was shot in the 4200 block of Natural Bridge in St. Louis around 11:06 p.m. The suspect then drove off from the scene.

The victim told police the shooter had a semi automatic gun.

What?! He was shot…in THE FACE…with a SEMI-AUTOMATIC gun…and then told the cops he was trying to buy CDs. Either this is bullshit or the victim here is a F-ing badass.

The local police district released a statement that included “We’re still trying to figure out why the victim was out buying CDs. We suspect he either doesn’t have a computer or doesn’t know about LimeWire, Gnutella or BitTorrent. The victim is in critical condition and will have to be rehabilitated on the use of mp3’s and chewing.”

A benefit concert will be held later this year with all the profits to getting the victim a computer and iPod.

via KSDK

[Editor’s Note: Feel free to take and use our little informative graphic we whipped up. Spread the word: Piracy saves lives!]