Native St. Louis Boxing Takes a Draw Over the Weekend

Saturday night at Scottrade Center the latest big boxing event took place and included two high-profile native St. Louis boxers: Cory Spinks and Devon Alxander. Both were expected to win.

1 out of 2 ain’t bad though right. Unless it’s a homework grade, then it’s a big fat fail. School is hard.

Cory “The Next Generation” Spinks fought first in one of the 116 undercards. He got punched 44 times in the face and then the ref stopped the fight.

“The referee stopped the fight, but I don’t know why,” Spinks said. “I totally disagreed. He didn’t even hit me and I lost my title.”

Apparently punch #44 was a dozy because you got hit lots of times Cory. Sounds like maybe the ref didn’t want to be Rocky in Rocky IV and stop the fight right before that bigger guy killed you.

“He had a staggered and dazed look,” Nelson said of Spinks. “He shook his head. At the count of eight, he stepped backwards, and I decided that I didn’t want his opponent to hit him again in that condition.”

He is right about losing his title though. There goes that Cory Spinks: Punch Out game we were hoping for.

Later in the night Devon Alexander won and saved the night for St. Louis boxing.

Devon Alexander, the boxing pride of St. Louis, hung onto his World Boxing Council and International Boxing Federation 140-pound titles Saturday night with a victory over challenger Andriy Kotelnik.

It wasn’t exactly a dominant win, but that’s ok. We’ll take it. The other guy thinks he won though, so that’s kinda awkward.

“I want the belt … I deserve it,” said Kotelnik, who earned $250,000. “If the fight were anywhere else but here, I would be champion. I’m speechless; I have no words to describe what happened. That guy has something that belongs to me.”

Way to go out like a bitch dude. Maybe if you weren’t such a pussy and spent a little extra time training rather than working on your “I was robbed” press release you might have one…but you lost. So maybe the best move right now is to go home and try to get that sand out of your vagina.

That’s right, I called you out Mary! Come to the Post Dispatch offices and make me shut up…dare you bitch!


The guy who drew this and ripped off this very site (Who is also a little bitch.)

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