Chuck Berry Given Lifetime Achievement Award, Still Won’t Take Off That Stupid Hat

The local legend, and 1st mate on the SS Crazy Old Man, Chuck Berry was given a lifetime achievement award by the St. Louis Arts and Education Council Monday at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. …and yes, he was wearing that damn captain’s hat. Berry is one of the pioneers of rock `n’ roll with a string of hits that included “Maybellene, “Sweet Little Sixteen” and “Johnny B. Goode.” He still performs every month at Blueberry Hill in the St. [Read More]

Chuck Berry Collapses on Stage

St. Louis-area native and rock and roll legend Chuck Berry collapsed on stage in Chicago during a performance. Berry had refused medical attention earlier in the night. “He collapsed due to exhaustion, he then came back out to the crowd and did his ‘duck walk’ dance before leaving for the night,” Andy Riesmeyer of CMG Worldwide, an agency that represents Berry, said in a statement Sunday. Riesmeyer said Sunday that Berry, 84, “is fine” and that he has returned to his home outside St. [Read More]

Nelly Surprise at Downtown Chuck Berry Concert

Glad to see Nelly is allowed to preform _somewhere_ these days. Though by the time the show started it wasn’t much of a secret, Nelly’s “surprise” appearance in which he shared the stage with fellow native St. Louisan Chuck Berry at the Democratic Convention concert downtown last night sure geeked a lot of people up anyway. Hopefully the fancy dinner and dancing date we took the Democratic Party officials on where we pushed our boobs up and wore that dress that our mom thinks is slutty, but works every time if you know what I mean…we mean sex…will get the DNC to feel up our city’s thigh enough where we can photograph it and bribe them to hold their conference here and then they’ll figure, “What the hell? [Read More]

Chuck Berry Visits His Old High School, Refuses to Take Off Stupid Hat

Wearing that damn hat. What is up with that thing? Did someone tell him that’s a sweet hat, so he’s rolling with it thinking he looks cool? Did he take a boat or dingy to his old high school? Will no one tell Chuck Berry he looks like an ass? We’re pretty sure he knows it’s on his head since he seems like he can see his reflection in that first post. [Read More]

Video: Chuck Berry Live at Blueberry Hill

What better way to kick off your Friday? You may think you know that Chuck Berry is old, and its true, but no many know how old he really is. One day I saw Blueberry Hill owner Joe Edwards in a barbershop and I went up to him and said, “Joe, between you and me…how old is Chuck Berry.” Joe looks at me and says “Hey, Chuck Berry is 137 years old. [Read More]