National Democrats Modify Romney Logo to Include Todd Akin

The Democratic National Committee has purchased newspaper ad space in a Tampa newspaper aimed at old people that still read the newspaper going to the Republican National Convention. At the bottom of the full page ad is the Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan logo, but with one notable update: They worked in Missouri Senate hopeful, and world-renown dumbass Todd “Dammit Stop Saying He’s From Missouri” Akin. Here’s the regular Romney / Ryan logo: [Read More]

Nelly Surprise at Downtown Chuck Berry Concert

Glad to see Nelly is allowed to preform somewhere these days. Though by the time the show started it wasn’t much of a secret, Nelly’s “surprise” appearance in which he shared the stage with fellow native St. Louisan Chuck Berry at the Democratic Convention concert downtown last night sure geeked a lot of people up anyway. Hopefully the fancy dinner and dancing date we took the Democratic Party officials on where we pushed our boobs up and wore that dress that our mom thinks is slutty, but works every time if you know what I mean…we mean sex…will get the DNC to feel up our city’s thigh enough where we can photograph it and bribe them to hold their conference here and then they’ll figure, “What the hell? [Read More]