National Democrats Modify Romney Logo to Include Todd Akin

The Democratic National Committee has purchased newspaper ad space in a Tampa newspaper aimed at old people that still read the newspaper going to the Republican National Convention. At the bottom of the full page ad is the Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan logo, but with one notable update: They worked in Missouri Senate hopeful, and world-renown dumbass Todd “Dammit Stop Saying He’s From Missouri” Akin.

Here’s the regular Romney / Ryan logo:

…and here it is after the DNC busted out the Photoshop (pink emphasis ours)…seriously, this happend:

Yea! We know that guy they’re using to attach to a group to make people hate others by association because everyone hates the first guy so much! Gooooo Missouri!

It could have been worse though.

We managed to get our hands on some of the early drafts that the Democrats mocked up before going with the subtle design you see above. First off, they tried really emphasizing Akin…

This version seemed a little too transparent. So they decided to put the actual candidate Romney back up top, and really focus on Akin’s creepier aspects…like his face:

Good, but felt a little personal they thought, and frankly of the mark. It doesn’t even harken back to his now famous “legitimate rape” comment! What they needed to do was really crank it up to 11! Drive the point home! If you’re going to the trouble of modifying a logo, go all in!

Here’s what they came up with:

Maybe a tad much, but we think this one should have made the cut. If you’re already springing for the full page color ad, might as well give the guy red rapey terminator eyes.

via STLToday