Mid Rivers Elementary Had a Convenient Pot Source

Mid Rivers Elementary Had a Convenient Pot Source

Pamela Potter (above) has been charged with growing marijuana within 2,000 feet of a school and possession of a controlled substance after being busted for growing marijuana, and keeping meth-making chemicals on the premises of her Estes Park home.

The threat of course is that not only was she producing large amounts of drugs, but she was doing so in close proximity of a school, but take a look at Pam again. She’s a walking “This is your face on drugs” ad. You better hope his gnarled broad asked your kids if they wanted any drugs, because that’s a nightmare sure to keep your kid away until at least college when their chubby physique and false self-esteem based on being in the drama club will finally catch up to them around the same time a goth kid tells them the world is a dark pit of sadness and hands them a joint in the waning hours of a off campus basement party for kids pretending they didn’t want to be in a frat/sorority anyway because they’d rather stay “independent” as if that means something other than an attempt to paint over the fact that no one cares about how they got their whole class to sign that cheap white “acting is reacting” t-shirt that they also wear in the pool because they think it fools us in to not realizing they’re fat.

Also Pam’s missing something…

…wait, wait!


via KMOV