Chuck Berry Collapses on Stage

St. Louis-area native and rock and roll legend Chuck Berry collapsed on stage in Chicago during a performance. Berry had refused medical attention earlier in the night.

“He collapsed due to exhaustion, he then came back out to the crowd and did his ‘duck walk’ dance before leaving for the night,” Andy Riesmeyer of CMG Worldwide, an agency that represents Berry, said in a statement Sunday.

Riesmeyer said Sunday that Berry, 84, “is fine” and that he has returned to his home outside St. Louis.

Exhaustion is a common theme in these Hollywood types, used as a general malady usually translating to “drunk” or “high as shit”, but in this case it appears it roughly translates to “old as hell.”

No word yet if Berry’s lethargy is related to the fact that he still refuses to take off that stupid hat.

via CNN