Sam Bradford Had a Bad Hair Day and the Rams Remind Us They Still Suck

Sunday was Sam Bradford and the Rams chance to shine. They should have beaten a bad Seahawks team and at least showed a national audience that the Rams are up-and-commers in the league with a flash new star-in-the-making quarterback, Sam Bradford, not to mention doing the NFL a solid by not allowing the first sub .500 team in to the playoffs.

None of that stuff happened.

We should have known it was going to go sour from the very beginning when Sam Bradford showed up to his NBC Sports interview with Frank Gifford looking like we just pulled this kid off the farm and yanked his John Deer hat off his matted head. Jesus dude. You’ve got $65 Mil in the bank, maybe get a comb or at least take a freaking shower before your national TV interview.

After that the game came on. A game that was so bad it seems the Rams couldn’t even shit themselves correctly.It started with the coaching staff clearly having their team ready to go out there and take a dump on national TV with mindbogglingly bad play-calling (Only running Steven Jackson 11 times against the league’s worst run defense?!), but then the players managed to make it worse with dropped passes, interceptions, and loads of miss tackles. It’s like they walked out there to take a shit right there on the field, but instead it got worse when they were fumbling with their belt and then couldn’t get their pants down correctly…and forgot to squat, or even just squeeze their butt cheeks. The next thing we all knew we’re looking at a Rams team with poo rolling down their leg. Not a good look when rocking the white pants.

Through our sexy super journalistic abilities we actually acquired a photo of Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo showing off his game plan just prior to tonights debacle.

How did no one notice this wasn’t going to work?! It’s just a giant pile of poop with a little flag in it! We would think better plans don’t look like this…at least have a bigger flag in there.