Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow Worship the Nike Devil According to Crazy Guy on Internet

All those people out there that think Jets backup QB Tim Tebow and Rams starting QB Sam Bradford are nice, super Christian-types are dead wrong. Turns out both of these guys not-so-secretly worship the pagan god Nike and they must be stopped! …or at least that’s what the crazy guy on the internet told us. [Editor’s Note: Everything below is for realz what one guy thinks. So consider this as confirmation of each and every one of the following crazy statements below. [Read More]

Sam Bradford is Dating Karlie Kloss

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford was spotted at Coachella with St. Louis-based 19 year old “super model” Karlie Kloss over the weekend and the internet is a buzz with Bradford’s ugly hipster sweater and how they’re just giving away the title of “super model” these days. Ok, she’s cute. And she’s from St. Louis so bonus points, but when she smiles and looks down towards the camera…by the power of Greyskull, all we see is Skeletor: [Read More]

Sam Bradford Had a Bad Hair Day and the Rams Remind Us They Still Suck

Sunday was Sam Bradford and the Rams chance to shine. They should have beaten a bad Seahawks team and at least showed a national audience that the Rams are up-and-commers in the league with a flash new star-in-the-making quarterback, Sam Bradford, not to mention doing the NFL a solid by not allowing the first sub .500 team in to the playoffs. None of that stuff happened. We should have known it was going to go sour from the very beginning when Sam Bradford showed up to his NBC Sports interview with Frank Gifford looking like we just pulled this kid off the farm and yanked his John Deer hat off his matted head. [Read More]

Here’s the Actual Photo of Sam Bradford in a Mizzou Jersey

On Monday we mocked up what we thought it would look like when Sam Bradford pays off his bet with a Rams teammate about who would win Saturday’s game of Mizzou vs Oklahoma (above), but yesterday the real thing went down and we have photos of Oklahoma’s former QB rocking a personalized Mizzou jersey, courtesy of Rams wide receiver Danario Alexander.

It all started with an early morning tweet by Alexander saying simply “Good morning people!! I have a surprise for you today.”

A few hours later two more tweets followed with attached photos of Bradford rocking his personalized Mizzou jersey with his old college days number 14 on the front:

When reporters asked if Bradford ever thought about going to Mizzou out of high school, the media-savvy rookie quarterback replied:

Absolutely not, I wanted to win Big 12 championships.

…and what will he do with his personalized Mizzou jersey?

It’s going right back to Mr. Alexander. He can take it wherever he got it.

Full photos after the jump!

via AP

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Bradford Loses His First Game, but the Internet Doesn’t Care

The first Sunday in the 2010 NFL season was a day of ups and downs for Rams starting quarterback and St. Louis Prom King in-waiting, Sam Bradford. Some of those moments were more obvious than others, but it’s still worth running through Sam’s day: As the fans piled in to the Edward Jones Dome its clear St. Louis loves Sam Bradford. All the Rams of yesteryear be dammed! Replace that Torry Holt jersey! [Read More]

Sam Bradford is Rich Biatch!

Over the weekend, the Rams’ #1 draft pick, quaterback Sam Bradford finally signed his contract and it was for a lot of money. A believe the parlance is a “panty dropping amount”. No. 1 overall draft pick Sam Bradford agreed to a six-year, $78 million contract with the St. Louis Rams Friday night, with $50 million in guaranteed money. The Rams and the former Oklahoma quarterback concluded negotiations in time for the first full-squad workout, set for Saturday. [Read More]

Welcome to St. Louis Sam Bradford

“I can’t wait to get to St. Louis.” — Sam Bradford on ESPN With the first pick of the NFL amateur draft, the Rams took the quarterback from Oklahoma Sam Bradford. This is the new face of the Rams franchise. “You have no idea how excited I am just to have the opportunity to come to St. Louis and play my NFL career there,” Bradford said in a conference call. “It’s just a blessing and I can’t wait to get there and get to work. [Read More]

It’s Time You Got To Know Sam Bradford

It’s happening. All the signs are there. After the Rams signed only AJ Feeley, and the Redskins trading for McNabb, and yesterday’s news that Marc Bulger has been released, its clear the Rams are going to draft Sam Bradford in a few weeks with the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Here are a few things to get you started in getting to know St. Louis’ soon-to-be poster child of rich athletes. [Read More]