Rams WR Danario Alexander Gets an iPad

You know they might end up selling a few of these iPads. Sure sales have been “slow” up until now, but with the release of the new promotional shot with hobbled Rams wide receiver Danario Alexander that was tweeted out last night Apple should be prepping for a real sales crush. On the way out of the store Danario, the former Mizzou wide out and frequent Twitterer, was nice enough to pose with his new purchase for the employees and then walked out the door, turned right and torn a tendon in his knee. [Read More]

Here’s the Actual Photo of Sam Bradford in a Mizzou Jersey

On Monday we mocked up what we thought it would look like when Sam Bradford pays off his bet with a Rams teammate about who would win Saturday’s game of Mizzou vs Oklahoma (above), but yesterday the real thing went down and we have photos of Oklahoma’s former QB rocking a personalized Mizzou jersey, courtesy of Rams wide receiver Danario Alexander.

It all started with an early morning tweet by Alexander saying simply “Good morning people!! I have a surprise for you today.”

A few hours later two more tweets followed with attached photos of Bradford rocking his personalized Mizzou jersey with his old college days number 14 on the front:

When reporters asked if Bradford ever thought about going to Mizzou out of high school, the media-savvy rookie quarterback replied:

Absolutely not, I wanted to win Big 12 championships.

…and what will he do with his personalized Mizzou jersey?

It’s going right back to Mr. Alexander. He can take it wherever he got it.

Full photos after the jump!

via AP

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Danario Alexander’s Tweets are Like Poetry…Crazy Crazy Poetry

The Mizzou wide-reciever that had a career year in 2009 but was left undrafted last April has found another way to entertain us all that doesn’t involve touchdowns: Insane ramblings on his Twitter stream. This is way better than watching a Mizzou game. Here are a few examples: Hmm. Begging for line-sitters is something that NFL players can pull off maybe… See this is brilliant. Danario has found a way to make the label “Twitter Follower” more demeaning by incorporating the term “bitches” in there. [Read More]