KTRS’ JC Corcoran Suspended 2 Weeks for Telling Pretty Much Everyone To Blow Themselves

So remember when we celebrated “JC Corcoran Says Pujols Will Re-Sign Today” Day? Well that whole thing is still going on. No, not the actual day, that came and went with no Pujols news. What’s still been happening is all the chatter since then which came to a head yesterday after KTRS suspended Corcoran for two weeks, as was initially reported by STLToday, but was independently confirmed with our sources as well. [Read More]

Tweet Commentary From the Cardinals World Champions Parade and Celebration

As with the majority of the Cardinals’ playoff games, our fearless editor took to Twitter to comment on the Cardinals World Series Champion parade and Busch Stadium event. If you already follow @mikeflynn_ then you have no doubt already seen this, but others that missed it because they are too “emo” for Twitter have asked for a way to check it out so here, for posterity sake, is the annotated timeline with a few retweets mixed in from others. [Read More]

OMG, KSDK’s Kay Quinn Was Hacked!

You guys stay sharp out there, a hacker is on the loose! Just ask KDSK (channel 5)’s Kay Quinn, who was recently “hacked”. It seems I’ve been hacked. Sorry if you got the inappropriate message being send from an old account. Be sure you DON’T click on it. People always like to lay their lack of basic computer knowledge on a “hacker” since that way they are stupid, it was a hacker that clearly must have picked them out of the billions on the planet and targeted them. [Read More]

Springfield Congressman Billy Long Relates Debt Crisis to Amy Winehouse

The Congressman for Missouri’s 7th District, Billy Long, took to twitter earlier today to finally make the connection we’ve all been searching for: How is the government’s looming debt crisis like Amy Winehouse’s recent demise? Nailed it. Way to related to the young people, old fat guy in a cowboy hat that makes odd references to a celebrity death on the currently popular social network! Congressman Boss Hog here thought he was mighty clever after he thought this one up! [Read More]

St. Louis Reddit Puts on a Baseball Play

Social news site Reddit’s St. Louis community put on a little impromptu play using numerous fake accounts the other day in the comments of a post to the site entitled “Reddit help! I am pitching and I can’t make an out!” by “RyanFranklin“, a account faked in homage of the recently released St. Louis Cardinals closer.

There’s really nothing else that we can do other than show you a (probably now slightly outdated) screenshot after the jump (it’s a long image). Read the comments and check the byline for the characters such as “JoseQuendo11”, “tonylarussa”, “Mark_McGwire”, “DelTacoBuilding” and “FrancisSlay”

Enjoy it in all it’s glory!

[Read More]

St. Louis Has Really Stupid Twitter Trends

We think St. Louis is filled with smart intelligent people that use Twitter to say nothing but notably pithy quotes, but if you are to believe Trends St Louis, then everyone is a retard churning out nothing but song lyrics and offensive hash tags that are just barely one rung on the literary ladder above slamming their faces against the keyboard. (No, no, no…not you. Your tweets are great! We’re talking about the other people. [Read More]

YouTube’s Currently Popular Laughing Baby is From St. Louis

Another day, another “viral” laughing baby video on YouTube. The current baby is laughing because his dad ripped some paper in front of him (again) and he’s from St. Louis. [Father, Marcus McArthur] says he’s finishing up his doctorate at SLU and applying for professor jobs. When he received yet another rejection letter he ripped it in half and baby Micah started laughing uncontrollably, so he started ripping credit card statements and the sweet sounds of laughter continued. [Read More]

Missouri State Government: The Internet is Scary After Your Facebook Gets Hacked!

OMG: Internet hackers are targeting Missouri state representatives and their staff, and no one knows exactly how or why. JK, LOL. Really STLToday? “internet hackers”? You have the first line of your story about Missouri State officials getting their Facebook passwords cracked is about “internet hackers” mysteriously “targeting” the state representatives? You even got the little laptop floating in the blue internet image there. Really nicely done. Did you ask our grandma for help on this story? [Read More]

Steven Jackson’s Wild Super Bowl Limo Ride

Like many NFL stars, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson grabbed a flight down to Dallas to join in the Super Bowl fun. Early on Super Bowl Sunday, Jackson was scheduled to attend the ESPN tailgate party, so he took a limo from the hotel and the limo, in turn, took SJ39 on a little pre-party adventure. Luckily, he’s a prolific tweeter with a strong 3G connection, so we all got to ride shotgun on the crazy limo ride, which did, eventually, end with Jackson and company getting to the appearance safely. [Read More]

Mayor Slay is Here to Help

In case you forgot the way to get help via the phone that most of you grew up ingrained in your minds, Mayor Slay is here to help with a perfectly timed tweet reminding you all about 911 for all your Snowpocalypse related emergencies. Where the hell was this kind of helpful tidbit in November when the city seems to be in the midst of a race against 2009’s death toll? [Read More]