Steven Jackson’s Wild Super Bowl Limo Ride

Like many NFL stars, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson grabbed a flight down to Dallas to join in the Super Bowl fun. Early on Super Bowl Sunday, Jackson was scheduled to attend the ESPN tailgate party, so he took a limo from the hotel and the limo, in turn, took SJ39 on a little pre-party adventure. Luckily, he’s a prolific tweeter with a strong 3G connection, so we all got to ride shotgun on the crazy limo ride, which did, eventually, end with Jackson and company getting to the appearance safely.

We grabbed the tweets from Jackson’s Twitter account and re-sorted them with oldest at top so it’s a bit easier to read. That’s the kind of service you get here at Punching Kitty. Be sure to ask about our “Deluxe Massage” for a small up-charge of $75 dollars. You’re not a cop are you?