Maria Spagnuolo Will Haunt Your Dreams

Did you watch the Super Bowl on Fox? Then you’ve already seen what we’re going to talk about: Those “One on One with Maria Spanguolo” spots. Ahhhh! Damn Fox2, could have done any creepier lighting on the Rams head coache’s wife? All shadowy and has that effect where no matter what place you stand, she looks like she will put your child in a giant black pot with a boiling water and a few cut up carrots. [Read More]

Steven Jackson’s Wild Super Bowl Limo Ride

Like many NFL stars, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson grabbed a flight down to Dallas to join in the Super Bowl fun. Early on Super Bowl Sunday, Jackson was scheduled to attend the ESPN tailgate party, so he took a limo from the hotel and the limo, in turn, took SJ39 on a little pre-party adventure. Luckily, he’s a prolific tweeter with a strong 3G connection, so we all got to ride shotgun on the crazy limo ride, which did, eventually, end with Jackson and company getting to the appearance safely. [Read More]

D’Marco Farr Accused of “Being a Complete Dick”

Former Ram and current 101 ESPN host D’Marco Farr went to dinner last night while in Dallas for the SuperBowl and he had to pee really really really bad. He parked in a lot to run inside and…well…it turned out to be a valet lot, so that made the little valet guy angry. Cue TMZ’s cameras! This morning we heard that Bob Stelton stood up for Farr saying that he offered to pay, which honestly seems fair, but after watching the tape, maybe he could have offered to pay a little more nicely. [Read More]

Pictures of One Crazy Day at Denny’s

The creatively named STLToday blog “Pictures” has some great shots of the craziness at a local Denny’s with that “Free Grand Slam” deal they threw out at the Super Bowl.


The minute they announced that, I just felt that every Denny’s employee let out a collective “Shit!”  Seems to me they should have waited later in the game so as to not ruin their Super Bowl. 

Here’s the full post.