D’Marco Farr Accused of “Being a Complete Dick”

Former Ram and current 101 ESPN host D’Marco Farr went to dinner last night while in Dallas for the SuperBowl and he had to pee really really really bad.

He parked in a lot to run inside and…well…it turned out to be a valet lot, so that made the little valet guy angry. Cue TMZ’s cameras!

This morning we heard that Bob Stelton stood up for Farr saying that he offered to pay, which honestly seems fair, but after watching the tape, maybe he could have offered to pay a little more nicely. After “Jesus F*cking Christ!” and “Do you need a tip?! I’ll give you a f*cking tip!” it may have turned in to a spite situation.

101ESPN says that D’Marco will address the situation on his Fast Lane show later today, but what’s to address? The tape is the tape and maybe the St. Louis sports radio public will forgive and forget. We do have a pretty good understand to how “f*cking cold outside” it really is.