The Legend of Links

It’s been a while since we’ve done a proper link post, highlighting some of the best things being said around town, so we’re gonna do one. Right now. **Joe Sports Fan: **A word (give or take a thousand) about JC Corcoran… JC Corcoran has dug himself a hole over this Pujols thing and has chosen to just keep digging, and Joe Sports Fan is calling him on his shit. Good for them! [Read More]

Turns Out the Police Shot Jesus at Denny’s the Other Day

Remember yesterday when we told you about the guy that really really wanted to get in that Denny’s on Hampton Sunday and ended up getting shot in the leg by the police? His mugshot was released after being charged with 1st Degree Property Damage and a count of Attempted Assult on a Law Enforcement Officer. Turns out that dude was Jesus. This changes everything. First off that officer shot Jesus, so he’s got to deal with that. [Read More]

Yet Another Way to Have Denny’s Kill You: Have the Police Shoot You in the Leg

Dude just wanted to get a Moon’s Over My Hammy…really really bad. Now he’s got a hole in his leg after unsuccessfully attempting to break-in to the South Hampton Denny’s (just south of hwy 40) and approaching a cop with his hands in his pocket. According to police, witnesses stated the suspect approached the restaurant attempting to get inside. Restaurant employees informed the suspect the restaurant was closed. The suspect broke a window and was partially inside the restaurant when the first officer arrived. [Read More]

Pictures of One Crazy Day at Denny’s

The creatively named STLToday blog “Pictures” has some great shots of the craziness at a local Denny’s with that “Free Grand Slam” deal they threw out at the Super Bowl.


The minute they announced that, I just felt that every Denny’s employee let out a collective “Shit!”  Seems to me they should have waited later in the game so as to not ruin their Super Bowl. 

Here’s the full post.