The Legend of Links

It’s been a while since we’ve done a proper link post, highlighting some of the best things being said around town, so we’re gonna do one. Right now.

**Joe Sports Fan: **A word (give or take a thousand) about JC Corcoran…

JC Corcoran has dug himself a hole over this Pujols thing and has chosen to just keep digging, and Joe Sports Fan is calling him on his shit. Good for them! A rare moment of clarity from a media website about how much they suck…written by someone that’s not actually on the radio…hmm. Never mind about the self awareness, but still a great piece.

Off the Eaten Path: Fat & Nasty Night at Denny’s

…weird. We thought every night at Denny’s was a fat and nasty night.

**Craigslist: **Beautiful Angel at Dennys – m4w – 29 (Warrenton)

Our mistake! Apparently angels work at Denny’s, so it must just be a disgusting place full of ugly people only we when drive by and look in the window.