Joe Sports Fan Kickstarts Pledge Drive For Their New Project

Our friends at Joe Sports Fan have launched a very interesting idea: asking the St. Louis fans to help fund their new all local relaunch and podcast with a Kickstarter campaign. The goal is $5,000, and while they’re off to a good start, we’d hate to see this brillant idea stall after the glow of the Deb Peterson press release article fades. If you’ve never heard of Joe Sports Fan, here’s all you need to know: Occasionally we can’t help ourselves, but we try very hard to not cover sports stories because the guys over there have St. [Read More]

The Legend of Links

It’s been a while since we’ve done a proper link post, highlighting some of the best things being said around town, so we’re gonna do one. Right now. **Joe Sports Fan: **A word (give or take a thousand) about JC Corcoran… JC Corcoran has dug himself a hole over this Pujols thing and has chosen to just keep digging, and Joe Sports Fan is calling him on his shit. Good for them! [Read More]

Did Pujols and the Cardinals Censor Joe Sports Fan?

Yesterday Cardinals closer, and recent discoverer of Twitter, Ryan Franklin tweeted out a photo of some country star or something who visited the team’s spring training site. The tweet, since removed, said “Got a rookie on the team @davidnail” with a link to this photo: We didn’t even notice the awesomeness that this picture held in it’s background, but the guys at Joe Sports did and it may have brought the wrath of the Cardinals and Albert Pujols, big bad #5, down on them. [Read More]