St. Louis Reddit Puts on a Baseball Play

Social news site Reddit’s St. Louis community put on a little impromptu play using numerous fake accounts the other day in the comments of a post to the site entitled “Reddit help! I am pitching and I can’t make an out!” by “RyanFranklin“, a account faked in homage of the recently released St. Louis Cardinals closer.

There’s really nothing else that we can do other than show you a (probably now slightly outdated) screenshot after the jump (it’s a long image). Read the comments and check the byline for the characters such as “JoseQuendo11”, “tonylarussa”, “Mark_McGwire”, “DelTacoBuilding” and “FrancisSlay”

Enjoy it in all it’s glory!

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Ryan Franklin Shaves Beard, Only Finds More Horribleness Underneath

Well, you’re chin is the last place we would look for more pitching ability and apparently Ryan Franklin has finally reached that point, shaving of his famous goatee. So that’s how we’re going to play it this year huh Franklin? Times get tough and you lop off trademark-able facial hair? (ahem) We wouldn’t do it. Maybe we were fans of the Oklahoma Sooners (just an example) and whenever they had a bad game would we’d go out an shave the mane off the mascot? [Read More]

We Know the Reason For the Crappy Start of Franklin and Pujols

11 games in to the Cardinals 2010 season and for two prominent Cardinal members we have the following lines: Ryan Franklin: 9.82 ERA, 1 Save, 4 Earned Runs in 3.2 innings Albert Pujols: .182 Average, 1 HR, 4 RBIs, in 44 at bats It’s early of course, but these ugly starts have been over-analyzed already by every sports talking head both in and out of town, but they’re all wrong. Who has the real answer? [Read More]

Did Pujols and the Cardinals Censor Joe Sports Fan?

Yesterday Cardinals closer, and recent discoverer of Twitter, Ryan Franklin tweeted out a photo of some country star or something who visited the team’s spring training site. The tweet, since removed, said “Got a rookie on the team @davidnail” with a link to this photo: We didn’t even notice the awesomeness that this picture held in it’s background, but the guys at Joe Sports did and it may have brought the wrath of the Cardinals and Albert Pujols, big bad #5, down on them. [Read More]

Ryan Franklin Looks Stupid

The Cardinals had the day off yesterday which worked out well since the annual charity golf tournament put on by the Pujols Foundation was yesterday and putting out a “sorry everyone is at work” would have made for a lame “celebrity” golf game over at the swank St. Alben’s course. In attendance were Shaq, Tony LaRussa’s good buddy, Bob Knight, Bo Jackson, Ozzie Smith, Mark McGwire and of course all the usual Cardinal teammates. [Read More]