Ryan Franklin Shaves Beard, Only Finds More Horribleness Underneath

Well, you’re chin is the last place we would look for more pitching ability and apparently Ryan Franklin has finally reached that point, shaving of his famous goatee.

So that’s how we’re going to play it this year huh Franklin? Times get tough and you lop off trademark-able facial hair? (ahem) We wouldn’t do it. Maybe we were fans of the Oklahoma Sooners (just an example) and whenever they had a bad game would we’d go out an shave the mane off the mascot? We don’t stand out there on the sidelines telling them to shave something to see if that will help them suck less!

You don’t shave your long-standing fashion statement. I don’t care who you are, or what you say, or just because we spent your money to come here to watch you grow that beard, and you happen to make one bad pitch several bad pitches and give up a butt-loads of homer(s) so you are going to start shaving stuff?

He was supposed to be the best closer in the National League. Yeah right!

via Franklin himself for giving us the perfect way to express our frustration and disappointment.

Update: In a shocking move, Franklin’s beard has vowed to not take the blame for his creator’s horrible pitching and has taken to the mound himself! Going an inning and a third with two strike outs, a walk and a run, the formally attached beard showed that pretty much anything, even a ratty clump of hair, can do better than Ryan Franklin right now. The beard is expected to be added to the 40 man roster by days end.