Whatever the Opposite of “Breaking News” is: Two St. Louis Radio Guys Your Parents Listen to Are Angry With Each Other

KTRS’s  (550 AM) McGraw Milhaven and KMOX’s (1120AM) Charlie Brennan both called the Riverfront Times to complain about each other in this month’s edition of “Irrelevant Radio People That Think Anyone Gives a Shit About Their Stupid Arguments Over Who Gets What Guest First.”

As usual, lets have Mr. Blockquote fill you in on the details we didn’t actually acquire ourselves.

Mr. Blockquote: Ugh do I have too? This story is lame!

…um maybe just do what I ask and not talk back Blockquote…

Mr. Blockquote: Ok, fine! Radio guy #1 (Milhaven) wanted to book someone on his show, but then radio guy #2 (Brennan) got him first and then guy #1 called the RFT or something to bitch about how guy #1 always gets these guests first which I guess he was thinking nit was going to make people think guy #2 was a jerk, but it actually just makes guy #1 look like a whiny guy that can’t get the guests he wants. Oh and then guy #2 dropps that he’s bitter about not getting invited to do guy #1’s defunct local cable show.

…um, dude? That’s note really a quote, it’s just you horribly and aggressively summarizing the story.

Mr. Blockquote: That’s all your getting.

Ok, frankly we don’t blame you, but we felt like we had to mention the story anyway.

If you’re one of the people interested in the full story, check it out at the Riverfront Times and then remember Matlock reruns come on UPN at 3:30pm (just before dinner).

Dear Radio Guys, we think both of you are pretty good on air, but neither one of you are wearing this little tiff particularly well. Now, if this is some sort of a ratings ploy, it’s an interesting idea, but we’d re-think the implementation.