Tony LaRussa’s Daughter Makes it on 2011 Raiderette Squad

Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa’s hot daughter surprised her family by trying out for, and making it on to the 2011 Raiderette cheerleading squad. Sure, there may not be any Raiders games this year, but would you rather read about this and look at pictures of her, or hear more about the rain?

Bianca, who goes by “Bianca Tai” on twitter, announced the news last week. “A goal and a dream come true- I’m a 2011 Raiderette! I’m so excited to rep an organization that does so much good.”

We are always shocked that this came out of Tony. There, we said it.

Bianca, shown on the right at some sort of fight, wearing the same camo shirt she wears in our dreams. Dreams where we are commandos, fighting for our lives in the jungle against an army of zombie versions of my 2nd grade teacher, using only our wits, guns and guile to stay alive. After a few waves of attackers though, her shirt starts to rip, eventually tearing it to shreds. Nightfall brings a chill to the air, so we have to strip naked and huddle together for warmth…who would blame us for letting our sexual tension overtake our military-trained professionalism? Plus, during all the rolling around, we find out that if I slap her ass, her boobs shoot lasers. Right after that, we wake up, but you gotta think laser boobs lead us to victory.

via Yard Barker