KMOX Decides Who is “Pervy” Now

This morning KMOX posted a story about a Wright City, Missouri man was hoarding a stash of panties, sex toys, and “feminine hygiene products” he allegedly acquired from various burglaries. They also make mention of the man’s new nickname (emphasis ours)… A 19 year-old eastern Missouri man has a new nickname after police found him hoarding 59 pairs of women’s underwear along with female clothing, sex toys, photographs and feminine hygiene products in his bedroom. [Read More]
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Enough With the “Rally Squirrel” Crap

Enough with the damn Rally Squirrel! Can’t we just let a funny moment from last year’s championship run be a funny moment from last year’s championship run? Please don’t drag it out and ruin the moment! Why do we have to take a little “Tina Fey“-type situation, one that’s cute and funny but something that you’re like “The one time watching ‘Baby Mamma’ is plenty.”, and then dry hump it until it’s used up and ugly, stumbling around like Lindsay Lohan making it an option to only the really ugly or desperate people? [Read More]

Whatever the Opposite of “Breaking News” is: Two St. Louis Radio Guys Your Parents Listen to Are Angry With Each Other

KTRS’s (550 AM) McGraw Milhaven and KMOX’s (1120AM) Charlie Brennan both called the Riverfront Times to complain about each other in this month’s edition of “Irrelevant Radio People That Think Anyone Gives a Shit About Their Stupid Arguments Over Who Gets What Guest First.” As usual, lets have Mr. Blockquote fill you in on the details we didn’t actually acquire ourselves. Mr. Blockquote: Ugh do I have too? This story is lame! [Read More] Has the Best Story Suggestions

You know it really sounds like the best way to “suggest” new articles to a reader is pull the keywords from a headline and then search your back stories. Simple! Example: “Man Gives Out Puppies to Poor Kids” Find the keywords: “Man Gives Out Puppies to Poor Kids“ Go get some other fun stories about puppies and kids. Everyone wins! Turns out not so simple as our tipster found out: [Read More]

Mark Edwards, Long-Time y98 Boss Fired

After six and a half years at the helm of St. Louis radio station y98, Mark Edwards has been fired. We were tipped this yesterday afternoon and confirmed it later last night via Edwards’ own Twitter feed: …and then later he stumped for work via a mass email sent out to contacts and later posted to his blog: Bottom line is I’m not a big fan of sitting around and I’m ready to climb on a new horse. [Read More]

The Cardinals Radio Broadcasts Go Back to KMOX

In what is no doubt the most anyone has ever talked about radio since…um…I don’t know…jesus radio metaphors are hard…probably because no one cares about radio. Except for the St. Louis sports media who still thinks its really really really really really important. As first reported today on, the team announced late this afternoon that it will return its radio broadcasts to KMOX next season after five years at KTRS, where they had been airing after a 51-year run at KMOX. [Read More]