Has the Best Story Suggestions

You know it really sounds like the best way to “suggest” new articles to a reader is pull the keywords from a headline and then search your back stories. Simple!

Example: “Man Gives Out Puppies to Poor Kids”

Find the keywords: “Man Gives Out Puppies to Poor Kids

Go get some other fun stories about puppies and kids. Everyone wins!

Turns out not so simple as our tipster found out:

The suggested stories on “What a Great Father-Son Project” were:

“City worker fired after being connected to teens death” and “East St. Louis man charged with DUI in wreck that killed son” …hence the sad face with only one eye crying.

Such is life in St. Louis that even things related to making stuff with your son leads to a bring down. Probably shouldn’t even waste your time and just drink heavily, throwing the empties at your kid. Get him prepared for that hard St. Louis living.

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