Military Recruiter Stabbed in Fairview Heights

Police are hunting down a guy that walked in to one of those strip mall Military Recruiter places in Fairview Heights and stabbed the sergeant when he turned his back for a moment.

The recruiter had exited a back room, saw the man in the reception area and asked him if he was interested in joining the military. The recruiter then turned around in his office chair to get some paperwork, police said. The man then stabbed the recruiter.

So that’s a “no” then?

Apparently heading to Canada is no longer the en vogue method of avoiding military service, stabbing a guy has jumped to the top spot just above publicly making out with a dude and stabbing yourself.

Despite getting stabbed in the thigh with a pair of scissors, the Air Force Sergeant is fine. Dude just chilled in his office chair while waiting for the ambulance and when it got there, he got up and hopped in.

Police had a vague description of the suspect they were seeking, saying he was in his 20s and wearing a red ballcap, red shirt and blue jeans.

If you see a man matching the amazingly detailed description from the Fairview Heights Police corner him and call the cops! Maybe kick away any sharp sticks and take his keys while you wait.

via STLToday