NBC Nightly News Takes Political Poll at Woofies?!

We were alerted by our tipsters that, bizarrely enough, NBC’s national news story about how everyone is pissed off at all politicians, no matter their affliliation, should be set at Woofies hot dogs in Overland.

Sure to be thrilled with the news are some of our local celebrities got to be national celebrities for a second when you can catch their autographed 8×10 in the background. Take for instance Fox2 anchor Kevin Steincross’ glossy by the door:

Congrats Kevin!

They even included the standard “I came here to enjoy a hot dog,…what’s this? A camera?! I better say something while walking towards it.” shot:

It’s all coming together for Overland, Missouri now! We hear NBC has more plans for our little suburb, as shooting should begin on Overland’s To Catch a Predator episode any day now. …or maybe we made that up. You don’t know. Just to be safe, if you head off to any meetings in Overland with a young child, make sure you bring plenty of condoms and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. We hear they go easier on you if you bring gifts.

See the actual NBC story with a St. Louis wiener vendor backdrop after the jump!

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