St. Clair County Police to Unleash “The Exterminator”

The police are officially out of ideas. This site welcomes our new criminal overlords.

Tuesday, the department will unveil a new vehicle it’s calling ‘The Exterminator.’

It’s a refurbished armored truck that’s equipped with video cameras, digital recorders and live video streaming computers.

Yes, it totally sounds like the St. Clair Police Department are getting in to the “Bang Bus” porno game, but sadly that’s not the plan…

‘The Exterminator’ will be parked in front of suspects’ homes and video from the four cameras is streamed live to computers at the Sheriff’s Department. Investigators can even see live video on their smart phones.

This party wagon isn’t supposed to undercover, but just the opposite, letting the perp know that we know that he knows we’re watching. If you’re interested you can checkout the 20-ton Flip camera at, and even watch a feed from the front-mounted camera. What? The perp we’re “exterminating” just stabbed a guy and sold crack to a 5-year-old behind his house? Damn. He’s found the “The Exterminator’s” one true weakness!

Is this really what local police have resorted to? The old “We’re not touching you! We’re not touching you!” play? This is the best we have now? If this doesn’t work, will we be moving to the crime-trashing “Wet Willie” plan?

Oh hold on, we have to help this nice gentleman with a gun carry out my TV to his shitty pickup truck. Here’s hoping he rapes me too. It’s nice to at least feel attractive.

via KMOV