Ugliest Woman Ever Wanted for St. Charles Robbery

Umm…is your bank robber bald? No, ok, see ya Bill. Are they a woman? Sweet, ok. Not Jim or Harry then. Maybe we’re looking for Anne…wait! Is your person horrible disfigured with a giant inhuman nose, creepy cheek bones, off-center eyes and lips like two pontoons? Yes? We know who you are now! This freak:

Apparently Frankenstein up here took part in the robbery of a St. Charles payday loan joint and the police thing this retarded sketch is going to help them crack the case. If she really did actually look like this you would have caught her already because that up there is pretty hard to miss.

Oh wait, this just in…that and it’s male accomplice were last seen driving a car that looks like this:

Do let the police know if you see an armed couple where the woman looks like the face version of a randsom note driving a red squiggle.

via KMOV