Eternal Ink Tattoo Giving Out Free Breast Cancer Awareness Tattoos

A tattoo parlor in Heckler, Illinois has been giving out free body art in the form of breast cancer awareness ribbon tattoos for a week now and the demand for a free pink ribbon tat has been surprising.

There’s been a steady line at the Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio in Hecker, Illinois since last Thursday. The small shop stocked up on supplies and hired extra help to keep the lines moving.

Nothing like a hastily done permanent mark on your body referencing cancer to make you want to drive to Illinois and wait in line next to people covered in denim and mud. Apparently simply recognizing that big hairy mole on their back wasn’t enough of a body-based tribute to cancer awareness.

The tattoos were free but donations, all of which going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, we accepted. Big spenders out there in Illinois! Out of the estimated 400 tattoos given, they have raised about $400. Go ahead and do the math.

Despite the rush of business to his little tattoo shop, owner Eric Catalano, still took time out of his day to drop some tired metaphors…

“Each person who has came in the shop has tattooed me, because I’m probably going to remember this week for the rest of my life, because I never had any idea how wide spread this was and horrible it was, never had a clue,” Catalano said.

We don’t get it. How have they tattooed you?! …ah, wait. Yup. Now we get it. Very deep. Now you making metaphors about tattooing people that have tattooed you has now tattooed us, like a little pink brain tramp stamp…to fight against breast cancer.

Check back in next week to see our full sleeve tattoo of a giant pink ribbon with a unicorn jumping through it, while Godzilla fights the dad from Just the Ten of Us below on our forearm. The rest of the space will be filled up with barbed-wire and koi fish.

via KSDK