Wentzville High School Grad Wins Survivor

We don’t watch Survivor because we don’t suck, but lots of other people do and a few of them told us that the student/male model on there, nicknamed “Fabio”, who won, happens to be from the St. Louis area. Pretty boy Jud Birza, better known to fans as Fabio, beat Chase Rice by one vote to take the title of Sole Survivor and the million-dollar prize. He also became the youngest player at age 21 to win the game. [Read More]

Mark Edwards, Long-Time y98 Boss Fired

After six and a half years at the helm of St. Louis radio station y98, Mark Edwards has been fired. We were tipped this yesterday afternoon and confirmed it later last night via Edwards’ own Twitter feed: …and then later he stumped for work via a mass email sent out to contacts and later posted to his blog: Bottom line is I’m not a big fan of sitting around and I’m ready to climb on a new horse. [Read More]