Yet Another Way to Have Denny’s Kill You: Have the Police Shoot You in the Leg

Dude just wanted to get a Moon’s Over My Hammy…really really bad. Now he’s got a hole in his leg after unsuccessfully attempting to break-in to the South Hampton Denny’s (just south of hwy 40) and approaching a cop with his hands in his pocket.

According to police, witnesses stated the suspect approached the restaurant attempting to get inside.  Restaurant employees informed the suspect the restaurant was closed.

The suspect broke a window and was partially inside the restaurant when the first officer arrived.  The suspect refused to comply with the officer and started walking toward the officer with his hands in his coat pockets.

The officier figured the guy was going for a weapon to fired a shot, hitting the die-hard breakfast fan in the thigh. No weapon was found on him after inspection and his leg wound was repaired and he was released from the hospital Sunday afternoon.

Why the hell did this guy want to get in to Denny’s so bad? A straight-up robbery doesn’t make a lot of sense since he apparently yelled through the window to be let it, which is generally a bad first step in restaurant robbery. What could it have been in that Denny’s that was worth breaking through a plate-glass window for and then getting shot over?!

One trip to solved it! Boosh:

Build your own omelette for only $4.99! That is a hell of a deal, especially from a culinary giant like Denny’s. When we build our own omelette at a place like the Denny’s on Hampton, we like to add ham, cheese, onion, green peppers, a handfull of my shattered dreams, the tears of a homeless guy, and a splash suicidal urges…you know, just to taste.

via KMOV