Finding Things in the Weather Radar is Fun

It’s about the time of year when everyone in St. Louis pretends we are actually in New Mexico and begins to freak out about any nominal snow fall. “Oh no! Snow is coming! Who would have predicted 3 inches of snow in January?!” It’s even worse after the whole New Year’s Eve deal, which turned the St. Louis area population in to a bunch of cave people (ok, some of them were pretty close already) scared of anything with the word “storm” in it as though the weather gods are out to get us. [Read More]
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Turns Out the Police Shot Jesus at Denny’s the Other Day

Remember yesterday when we told you about the guy that really really wanted to get in that Denny’s on Hampton Sunday and ended up getting shot in the leg by the police? His mugshot was released after being charged with 1st Degree Property Damage and a count of Attempted Assult on a Law Enforcement Officer. Turns out that dude was Jesus. This changes everything. First off that officer shot Jesus, so he’s got to deal with that. [Read More]

Local News Boner Alert: A New Year’s Eve State of Emergency

“It could have been worse.” — Sunset Hills mayor Bill Nolan A state of emergency was declared on New Years Eve by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon after a strong storm rushed across center and eastern Missouri, taking apart chunks of South St. Louis County and killing one person in Rolla. Afterward, emergency crews cleaned up the mess, a few people found new shelter for the night and the local news networks patted themselves on the back and found ways to stay on the air as long as possible. [Read More]