The New Tornado Warnings Are Here and They Are Gonna Scare the Crap Out of You!

While it’s been well known to everyone for some time is that people, in general, ignore tornado warning sirens. They go off and people don’t listen, can’t hear them or just wish they’d stop so that they can continue their mugging without interruption. Weather people just found out though, and so as of today they are introducing a new warning system that they think will make people realize when a tornado is small, or a tornado is of Joplin-destroying magnitude. [Read More]

Too Soon St. Charles Netflix Users!

What the hell St. Charles?! You guys all think it’s funny to sit in your comfy, non-rubble homes watching tornado movies? Too soon man. Too soon. Our eagle eyed tipster, one Aaron Burrows, nabbed this screenshot as proof. He was horrified by his fellow townsfolk, so he gets a pass. We will give St. Charles a point for enjoying Baseketball though, which was a fine flick that had St. Louis’ native son Bob Costas utter the line “You’re excited? [Read More]

Joplin: Before and After

Photographer Aaron Fuhrman has been posting photos on his Flickr stream of old Google Streetview images of Joplin with shots taken after the tornado. Amazing devastation.

Too bad that guy looking at the pile of rubble that used to be his house got in the shot. Freaking ruined everything. He really needs to start thinking about others.

Storms Destroy Lambert Airport, Damage Only Noticeable in Nicer East Terminal

Friday evening, strong spring storms rampaged through North St. Louis, crippling Lambert Airport and sealing off the major St. Louis escape route. The brimstone should arrive by this Wednesday to take the rest of us out. “The storm caused significant damage to the airport,” said St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. There were nine sightings of a possible tornado or tornadoes in St. Louis County. The KSDK camera showed extensive damage to residences and other structures near the airport. [Read More]

New Emergency Siren System to Launch in April; Should be Just as Confusing as the Current One

St. Louis County is nearly complete on their new emergency siren system and expects to take it live in April, just in time to make it hard to get news about the last few spring tornados by being just loud enough so you can’t hear the TV. St. Louis County police said 88 new sirens have been installed, but they are not operational because the entire system has not been installed and tested. [Read More]

Sunset Hills Gets Their First Tornado Looters

Ok, now it’s an official disaster. We couldn’t call it earlier, but now we have official looters so it’s finally time. Congrats South County! Someone start printing “I Survived …” shirts. It’s time. Brothers, Elvis and Hajro Ferhatovic and their father, Omer Ferhatovic each face two counts of felony stealing. The men were seen picking up an air conditioning unit, lawn mower, even pots and pans from tornado damaged homes. The men came back a few hours later and volunteers alerted police, who made the arrests. [Read More]

Local News Boner Alert: A New Year’s Eve State of Emergency

“It could have been worse.” — Sunset Hills mayor Bill Nolan A state of emergency was declared on New Years Eve by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon after a strong storm rushed across center and eastern Missouri, taking apart chunks of South St. Louis County and killing one person in Rolla. Afterward, emergency crews cleaned up the mess, a few people found new shelter for the night and the local news networks patted themselves on the back and found ways to stay on the air as long as possible. [Read More]