Too Soon St. Charles Netflix Users!

What the hell St. Charles?! You guys all think it’s funny to sit in your comfy, non-rubble homes watching tornado movies? Too soon man. Too soon.

Our eagle eyed tipster, one Aaron Burrows, nabbed this screenshot as proof. He was horrified by his fellow townsfolk, so he gets a pass. We will give St. Charles a point for enjoying Baseketball though, which was a fine flick that had St. Louis’ native son Bob Costas utter the line “You’re excited? Feel these nipples!” …but you also enjoy Maverick and that movie sucked. Also, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has it’s moments. Ok, so to review… +1 for Baseketball, +1 for Mystery Science Theatre, -1 for Maverick and then – 1,000 for the tornado National Geographic movie.

You bastards are the kind of people that went home and rented Airplane and the Towering Inferno after 9/11! We think protocol states we’re now supposed to angrily turn to the right and spit…look out “casually eating my lunch to next to a dude on a laptop” guy!