Whoops: St. Charles Releases Wrong Guy From Jail

Maybe the St. Charles County Jail should invest in name tags, or maybe just a new policy instructing the staff to ask someone’s name before they release them from jail. Pretty clear that current the “Which one of you are supposed to be released?!” method has some flaws.

Matthew C. Gierer, 26, of the 4200 block of Spring Branch Drive in St. Charles County was accidentally released Tuesday and was free for nearly eight hours before he turned himself in about 7:15 p.m.

[T]he jail had received a court order to release Gierer’s younger brother Caleb, 18, who was being held on a misdemeanor case.

But corrections officers grabbed Matthew Gierer instead about 11:30 a.m. and walked him out the front door.

Credit to Matthew for actually coming back to prison when they presumably called and say “Wow, how do we say this…can you come back to jail? Thanks!” So now Matt is back and Caleb has been released, and thoughts turn to whether or not Matt got all the way through his “You know what I’d do if I got out of here” list in time. Eight hours isn’t much, but that might be enough to convince a girl to have sex with you while you eat a cheeseburger and choke the life out of the guy that dimed you out all at the same time. You just have to make sure that when you kill the guy, his now limp arms don’t fall down to his side and graze your junk. Not only is that gross, but we’re pretty sure that makes you gay…or at least that’s what the guy that raped him in the shower last week said.

via STLToday