Fulton Tornado Alarm Snoozed For One Full Day

In a tornado season where more old junk has been blown than at a Red 7’s Swingers Night, the Fulton emergency weather alarm decided that it didn’t want to ruin anyone’s Wednesday with a warning siren, so it held off until Thursday. There were no storms Thursday mind you, so in essence it was a “If you’re hearing this, you survived!” alarm. We don’t have any hard numbers, but it seems more celebratory, while somewhat less effective. [Read More]

New Emergency Siren System to Launch in April; Should be Just as Confusing as the Current One

St. Louis County is nearly complete on their new emergency siren system and expects to take it live in April, just in time to make it hard to get news about the last few spring tornados by being just loud enough so you can’t hear the TV. St. Louis County police said 88 new sirens have been installed, but they are not operational because the entire system has not been installed and tested. [Read More]