Are County Leaders Shipping Their Homeless to the City? (Probably.)

City leaders are complaining that the various area counties are actively shipping their homeless in to the city to live in group camps like the infamous “Hopeville” encampment. Of course by “shipping” we mean driving them in a car in to the city and then telling them to get out, but it’s way more funny if you think of it like the county is setting homeless guy traps filled with homeless guy treats like beard combs and flanel jackets only to shake them out of their cages, releasing them in the wilds of south city and downtown. [Read More]

New Emergency Siren System to Launch in April; Should be Just as Confusing as the Current One

St. Louis County is nearly complete on their new emergency siren system and expects to take it live in April, just in time to make it hard to get news about the last few spring tornados by being just loud enough so you can’t hear the TV. St. Louis County police said 88 new sirens have been installed, but they are not operational because the entire system has not been installed and tested. [Read More]

Charles Schmitz Thinks St. Louis City Should Eat St. Louis County

A recent opinion piece posted in the Post Dispatch recently is making the rounds. The piece, written by UMSL professor Charles D. Schmitz is entitled “St. Louis is a world-class city” it’s a well-written rah-rah piece that someone from another town might brush off as self-aggrandizing, it makes some pretty cogent points. The focus of the piece is one major issue: St. Louis City should swallow St. Louis County. Schmitz ran the data as if that was the case and came up with the following: [Read More]

St. Louis County People Kill Each Other Less Than Last Year

Through 2009 so far, the amount of all violent crimes have gone down 20% in St. Louis County according to this STLToday article. No word yet if there was also 20% less beer purchased as well. Areas patrolled by St. Louis County police are experiencing a dramatic drop in crime compared to a year ago, with all major categories down significantly through the first half of 2009, officials said. County police report that murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, car theft and arsons all are down compared to the same period of 2008. [Read More]