Larry Rice Isn’t Going to Tell You Where He’s Planning on Stashing the Homeless

Larry Rice really likes it when all the homeless are in one place. He supported the now defunct “Hopeville” homeless camp, and just last week his new “Integrity Village” was quickly shut down by the city. Where will Larry try to herd homeless people to next? Ha, nice try! He’s not telling anyone this time! “We’re taking this underground,” [Larry’s son Chris] Rice said, “We’re not going to tell you where we’re taking it. [Read More]

Are County Leaders Shipping Their Homeless to the City? (Probably.)

City leaders are complaining that the various area counties are actively shipping their homeless in to the city to live in group camps like the infamous “Hopeville” encampment. Of course by “shipping” we mean driving them in a car in to the city and then telling them to get out, but it’s way more funny if you think of it like the county is setting homeless guy traps filled with homeless guy treats like beard combs and flanel jackets only to shake them out of their cages, releasing them in the wilds of south city and downtown. [Read More]

Hopeville Residents Get Moved Again…to Apartments!

The story of St. Louis’ most prominent homeless camp, Hopeville, never seems to end. They’ve been threatened by the city government, then moved, then threatened with removal once again…and now they’re being moved…again. There’s a pattern here we think, but it’s being covered up by one of those big homeless guy coats that holds in all the stink. St. Louis city leaders say the homeless cannot continue to camp in their makeshift homes along the riverfront. [Read More]

Homeless Camp Hopeville Under Fire Over Fires

St. Louis premiere homeless person shanty town Hopeville, which we’ve coveredbefore, is under city pressure again. The city thinks the current Hopeville installation is a fire hazard after three tents burned last week. In the fire last week, one tent caught fire, and witnesses said it spread to at least two others. A few propane tanks that were being stored in the first tent exploded. While a propane heater was being used in the tent, it was unclear how the fire started. [Read More]

Hopeville Homeless Camp Not Gone, Just Somewhere Else Now

Earlier this year we talked about Hopeville, the homeless camp downtown underneath the Tucker Boulevard tunnel until the city kicked them all out in May because it probably smelled a lot like pee and sadness, which is ok when we go to visit Grandma, but not when we walk down Tucker. While Hopeville I is gone, as planned, Hopeville II was created so that there could be another really really sad place named something that sounds really really happy. [Read More]

Hopeville Springs Until About a Month From Now

City officials met with Larry Rice and his army of homeless guys Tuesday about the downtown Hopeville Tunnel. The tunnel is an old railroad tunnel under Tucker Boulevard that has become a makeshift homeless shelter for those both downtown and downtrodden for some time now, and Reverend Larry Rice is even known to direct people it’s direction. However, the city says the conditions are “inhumane” and the tunnel needs to be destroyed. [Read More]