Midtown Apartment Building Burns Again

That fairly new apartment complex in midtown off of Lindell by Vandeventer were set ablaze last night…again. The same area burnt to the ground a few years back during the construction of the buildings that burnt tonight. This though, the neighboring Arby’s appears to have been saved. KMOX’s Michael Calhoun (@michaelcalhoun) spent his night taking photos and being at the center of what the local Twitter hivemind called “#FireinMidtown” (Eh. It’s a little derivative, but not bad as far as names of stuff goes). [Read More]

Guy Gets Saved and Then Arrested for Assault

Elijah Wisniewski was rescued from a burning home Thursday after a police officer saw the flames and ran in to the home to save him. Quite a feel good story huh? Nothing like a cop coming the rescue of a man in trouble! …and if this happened anywhere other than the St. Louis area, the story probably would have ended right there, but instead this happened: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 31-year-old Elijah Wisniewski of Winfield was charged Monday. [Read More]

The Fox Theatre Burns, 2/8ths of the Fabulous Lost in Fire

Those a full two alarms less hot than my crazy uncle’s favorite chili, a three-alarm fire made fire trucks rush to the Fox Theatre and forced them to cancel the two Jersey Boys shows scheduled for that night. We assume the Sunday fire was a dry run, but the fire planned on June 21st to finally burn a little off the top of Lyle Lovett will be the real deal as we can’t figure out another reason to invite Lyle Lovett to town. [Read More]

Homeless Camp Hopeville Under Fire Over Fires

St. Louis premiere homeless person shanty town Hopeville, which we’ve covered before, is under city pressure again. The city thinks the current Hopeville installation is a fire hazard after three tents burned last week. In the fire last week, one tent caught fire, and witnesses said it spread to at least two others. A few propane tanks that were being stored in the first tent exploded. While a propane heater was being used in the tent, it was unclear how the fire started. [Read More]

North City Home Catches Fire Twice in One Night

Fate is a really son of a bitch: A family’s home in North St. Louis experiences a small electrical fire that they quickly put out. They all then climb in the car and go head out to get some stuff to clean up the mess…while they were out a second, more serious fire started. The first fire is a completely clear cut accident, but are suspicious of the second fire, mainly because the gas and electricity were still turned off from the first fire. [Read More]
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Hoarder’s House Burns Down in Fairview Heights

Last night in Fairview Heights a house caught fire, burning completely to the ground. Fire destroyed a Fairview Heights home early today that the fire chief said was crammed full of possessions “from floor to ceiling.” “The city had just ordered her out of the house, because it was totally packed from floor to ceiling with books, newspapers, clothing, a grand piano,” he said. “You name it.” Who knew stank, despair, long forgotten cats buried in knick-knacks, and old newspapers were so dammed flammable! [Read More]

Hey Man What Happened To Your Mobile Meth Lab?!

The thing about mobile meth labs is that, like all meth labs, they can catch on fire, only your seat belted to this one. A van laden with a meth factory ignited and was quickly engulfed in flames while traveling down a Jefferson County road. Jefferson County?! I know we were shocked too. Not really. These “mobile meth labs” are the like the ice cream man down there. The only person believed to have been in the vehicle, a 42-year-old man, was rushed to the hospital. [Read More]

Fireworks Stand Being Set on Fire, Leads to Awesomeness

You’ve thought about it. What would happen if you set a fireworks stand on fire? Apparently a really cool explosion followed by lots of whiney sounds about things like “public safety” and “laws”. Fire Marshal Barry Nuss of the Lincoln County Fire Protection District said the fire in the 1,800-square-foot tent was set shortly before 4 a.m., but he would not say how. We’re guessing a match or lighter, but it would be awesome if they lit it from a sparkler. [Read More]

The Buck’s Roof Roof Roof is on Fire!

A fire ravaged the house of Carole Buck, wife of the late Cardinals broadcaster Jack Buck, and mother to current broadcaster Joe Buck yesterday in Ladue. Though the cause is not known at this time, they do know that many of the family’s baseball collectables were damaged. The fire clearly did a lot of damage as you can see from the photo above, but its confusing thing is that it was only rated as a two-alarm fire. [Read More]