Building Explodes in Joplin, MO

“Whew! We made it! We thought our business would be done for sure during the now infamous Joplin tornados, but somehow our auto paint supply building and business managed to survive and good thing too, because it’s rough out here now and our house sure took a beating. I was just sayin’ to Jan the other day how happy I am we still have money rolling in. A lot of people weren’t as fortunate as… [Read More]

Possible MRI Explosion Threatens to Destroy Sunset Hills

Areas of Sunset Hills were evacuated last night based on the threat of a possible explosion of an MRI machine that was damaged in the Great Storm of New Years Eve(turn to KSDK, I think they are still airing “continuing coverage” of the storm) and found to be still on, thus posing a hazard to the area. Or it could have been damaged because this fat guy in the photo keeps posing for photos on MRI machines. [Read More]

Fireworks Stand Being Set on Fire, Leads to Awesomeness

You’ve thought about it. What would happen if you set a fireworks stand on fire? Apparently a really cool explosion followed by lots of whiney sounds about things like “public safety” and “laws”. Fire Marshal Barry Nuss of the Lincoln County Fire Protection District said the fire in the 1,800-square-foot tent was set shortly before 4 a.m., but he would not say how. We’re guessing a match or lighter, but it would be awesome if they lit it from a sparkler. [Read More]

Home Explosion Sadly Meth, and Not Mad Scientist Related

A house exploded on Big Bend Station in Manchester Wednesday! I wonder what awesome project was being worked on in there…flubber? Creating a woman that will have sex with anyone? Maybe a transporter? …must be awesome though because they blew up the house and that mean crazy kid scientist that will walk out with soot all over his face and his hair spiked looking dazed, but totally fine. His parents will just look at him…”That’s our Jimmy! [Read More]