Possible MRI Explosion Threatens to Destroy Sunset Hills

Areas of Sunset Hills were evacuated last night based on the threat of a possible explosion of an MRI machine that was damaged in the Great Storm of New Years Eve (turn to KSDK, I think they are still airing “continuing coverage” of the storm) and found to be still on, thus posing a hazard to the area. Or it could have been damaged because this fat guy in the photo keeps posing for photos on MRI machines. Also, you gotta think khaki is a bad move for someone with enough sweating surface area below the waist. A good think black pant is what we would recommend.

Anyway, here’s hoping that the danger they speak of is radiation that could turn St. Louis is land of superheroes and not just some dumb ole explosion.

If helium inside the machine is not ventilated and air or water gets into the system, ice can form. This can cause a blockage of letting that gas out, and pressure buildup from the helium gas can cause an explosion.

Ah…explosion. Damn.

Officials are also sure to add that the explosion, while possible, probably won’t happen…but…they’re still going to close down South Lindbergh until late Friday morning. Oh, that’s the way you drive in to work? That sucks.

We would like to add that if the explosion does happen, be sure to resist the temptation of looking at it. You may want to check it out, or look to see if a large chunk of MRI machine is headed your way, but don’t. You look much cooler that way. Tell you what? We’ll look at it for you and then tell you what happened later. We have enough cool stock to watch a few explosions with out dropping out score. How’d we get to that point you ask? Dumb question, but we’ll answer anyway: Umbro shorts. The trick is to have some of your balls peaking out playfully when squatting to help someone pick something up. Oh you didn’t drop anything? Well you just got a freebie my dear. *wink*

via KMOV