Possible MRI Explosion Threatens to Destroy Sunset Hills

Areas of Sunset Hills were evacuated last night based on the threat of a possible explosion of an MRI machine that was damaged in the Great Storm of New Years Eve (turn to KSDK, I think they are still airing “continuing coverage” of the storm) and found to be still on, thus posing a hazard to the area. Or it could have been damaged because this fat guy in the photo keeps posing for photos on MRI machines. [Read More]

Sunset Hills Gets Their First Tornado Looters

Ok, now it’s an official disaster. We couldn’t call it earlier, but now we have official looters so it’s finally time. Congrats South County! Someone start printing “I Survived …” shirts. It’s time. Brothers, Elvis and Hajro Ferhatovic and their father, Omer Ferhatovic each face two counts of felony stealing. The men were seen picking up an air conditioning unit, lawn mower, even pots and pans from tornado damaged homes. The men came back a few hours later and volunteers alerted police, who made the arrests. [Read More]

Sunset Hills is a Retard Factory

What the hell is going on in Sunset Hills? Apparently the following things have happened there: Someone honked and someone else in the street. “They didn’t see me coming, I honked my horn once for safety measures,” she said. “There was a UPS truck was coming up the street at the same time.” Wymer, a neo-natal nurse at Cardinal Glennon Hospital, said she was concerned about the daughter in the stroller. [Read More]